Mobility Game : a businessgame to enhance use of green mobilities

Boost green mobilities in your company through play

A businessgame easy and fast to use

Test the impact of green mobility in your company with just a few clicks

1. Install Mobility Game app

2. Practice green mobilities during challenge

3. Collect and record data

4. Track real-time results

The Mobility Game is a team game concept which, for 1 to 2 weeks, encourages your employees to comute other than in a private car. 

It's a ready-to-use application directly usable within your organization. 

Thanks to the combination of digital and gamification, Mobility Game ensures the success of the action through a high participation level

In operational terms, Mobility game is a digital platform which consists of 3 elements: a mobile application, an administration website and results reporting.

Already used by 10,000 officials from Service Public de Wallonie

Challenge your employees to practice greener mobility

Measure precisely your daily mobility impact

Thanks to high quality data collection, get elements to increase the objectivity of your strategic plans and obligations in terms of sustainable mobility.

Boost your sustainable business image

Thanks to gamification, Mobility Game guarantees a high participation rate. So you can strengthen your communication in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

Facilitate the mobility switch

Whatever the preferences of your employees, Mobility Game adapts to them: walking, e-bike, kick scooter, public transport, teleworking, ... Multimodality facilitates change within your company.

Mobilise, motivate and measure thanks to our ready-to-use digital platform

1. A user friendly mobile application for mobilising participants

Available on Play store and on App store, this mobile application allows:

2. A website to manage and track the game in real-time

Thanks to the administration website, you have the opportunity to manage your Mobility Game in real time. This management tool allows you to:

Reporting des résultats de l'action

3. A clear and complete reporting of results

At the end of the Mobility Game, you have access to the following data:

You can also extract in Excel format a list of trips recorded depending on preference filters (transportation mode, time, team...). 

This tool allows you to target the rewards to your employees for their efforts.

In addition, a few days after the end of the Mobility Game you will receive a synthetic analysis of the action including main results, some KPIs as well as a mapping of (anonymized) trips.

With those key elements, you can communicate easily and quickly to your employees, customers and partners. 

Now, you have actual data and real team mobilisation

Integrating sustainable mobility into your business is far from easy. This confronts us with a series of challenges ...

Fortunately, there is now a way to answer these questions quickly and concretely. A solution that makes your employees want to change their habits, andprovides you with high quality data on the impact of this change.

An innovative businessgame that boosts green mobility in your company thanks to its winning formula:


Technology that allows high quality data collection and makes the application user-friendly.


Increases participation rate and facilitates communication.


Makes the action their own and strengthens the feeling of belonging to the company

Beyond data, more cohesion and well-being!

Beyond data, more cohesion and well-being!

Mobility Game is a real boost in your sustainable transition, but not only ... It also allows you to mobilize your employees before, during and after the game in the medium term, which results by:

They trust us

How is Mobility Game going?

Mobility Game is a ready-to-use digital platform. It means we take care of all the technical details for you.  All you have to do is involve your employees and supervise its progress.

This is how it works:


We provide you with the digital platform: mobile application and administration website.


If necessary, we adapt platform to your requirements and objectives .


We train you in the use of the platform (2 hours).


We help you communicate the action by making specific materials available to you.


We support you for the launch of the action .


For the duration of the game, we provide you with a technical support (1 to 2 weeks).


We provide you with a complete reporting of the results .

A transparent and attractive pricing


Up to 1,000 potential participants
  • Up to a maximum of 1,000 participants


From 1,000 to 5,000 potential participants
  • Up to a maximum of 5,000 participants


More than 5,000 potential participants
Custom pricing
  • Custom and flexible solution

Every pricing plan includes:

Test Mobility Game for free and without obligation for 3 days

A hesitation?

Try Mobility Game for 3 days and see how relevant is it for your company!

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Do you assist companies in the implemantation of their sustainable transition?

Do you assist companies in the implemantation of their sustainable transition?

Transition durable des entreprises

Offer them Mobility Game!

If you want to accelerate sustainable transition of your customers, Mobility Game can help you.

Mobility Game boost the adoption of green mobility AND justify the transition efforts anks to concrete and objective data. 

Mobility Game can strongly assist you in the implementation of your advice and strategies .

Today, we suggest you add it to your service offering through a partnership with our company Connect2Move.


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